A Pony Called Steve !

Nothing says ” ME TIME ” like a relaxing bath, in the summer I like to use cool water and a refreshing but sweet scent, so I was very excited to try the Pear Drops Bath Fizz kindly sent by A Pony Called Steve and I absolutely loved it !!

After a long day running after my very active baby in the hottest Sunday of the year, it was just what I needed to feel re-energised !

What I love about A Pony Called Steve ( a part from the great name ! ) is that they use 98% natural ingredients on their products ( they use fragrance not essential oils ), they never ever test on animals, their products are hand-made in tiny batches in the U.K.  and they smell exquisite and unique.

Since having my baby Justin, it has become so important for me to use “no nasties” products on my skin, as I have him in direct contact with me pretty much all day. Baby skin is more permeable, so it absorbs more and is more susceptible to ingredients in cosmetics. I love perfumes, in fact, I am a little obsessed with them but I have hardly used any since becoming pregnant for fear of causing irritation or harm to my baby.

So I was totally thrilled to find out about the APCS Solid Perfumes, so much more delicate to those little baby nostrils!

I am totally in love with A Pony Called Steve ( my hubby’s name is Steven haha! ) and l cannot wait to try all the collections! Next I am going for all things Mojito !!

Much Love