Most of us would like to have clear and glowing skin but how can we achieve that glow from within, without expensive skin products or make up?

Here are some simple steps towards that dream complexion, follow these 10 tips for glowing skin regularly and you will love the results!

Skin glow step 1: Do not use soap

Using alkaline products like soap or overly cleansing your skin can remove its natural protective barrier, which helps to keep in moisture and fight off bacteria.

To achieve and maintain glowing skin replace your soap with a gentle, chemical-free and PH neutral cleanser and wash your face no more than twice a day.

Skin glow step 2: Gently exfoliate

Regularly exfoliating your skin is important for removing dead skin cells that may accumulate on the surface as the skin is producing new ones.

It is best to choose a gentle exfoliator to lightly exfoliate and avoid causing damage to the skin or you can also opt for removing your cleanser with a face cloth.

Exfoliation leaves your skin looking brighter, but also helps skin products penetrate more effectively.

Skin glow step 3: Get active outdoors!

Try a brisk walk or a workout in the outdoors, go for a cycle, a jog or some yoga in the park. Fresh air and sunshine (in moderation) are both great for your skin.

Exercise increases circulation, which helps to nourish skin cells as well as helping alleviate stress and this can have a positive effect on your complexion.  

Skin glow step 4: Apply sunscreen daily

The majority of what it is commonly seen as aging is most likely years of sun damage.  

It is recommended for everyone to wear sunscreen daily because all skin types need to be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Wearing sunscreen daily will save your skin from years of visible damage later as well as helping in the prevention of skin cancer.

Remember that the sun can cause damage to your skin even on a cloudy day as the UV light penetrates clouds easily. Therefore, make sure to apply sunscreen even on overcast days!

Skin glow step 5: Stay hydrated

Dehydration is one of the main causes of wrinkles and dull skin. It can affect oily skin too not just dry skin types.

When the skin is well hydrated it is plumper and more elastic, it looks healthier, more vibrant, softer and is less prone to wrinkles.

It is important to drink lot of fluids throughout the day and using a daily moisturiser suitable for your skin type for best results.

Caffeinated drinks do not count as caffeine is a diuretic, therefore they draw water from your skin.

Skin glow step 6: Remove make up before bed       

As the skin renews itself while you sleep it is very important to remove make up before going to bed.

Leaving the make up on until the next day, clogs up the pores, preventing the skin from breathing and renewing itself, as a consequence signs of fatigue will appear as well as more blackheads, acne and breakouts.

Skin glow step 7: Get some good sleep

To get glowing skin we really need that famous “beauty sleep”!

Establishing a regular bedtime and trying to get seven to eight hours of sleep a night it’s a very important step towards the ultimate glow.

As mentioned in the previous step, during sleep our skin cells renew themselves and the production of collagen also increases, this process helps in keeping our skin looking healthy and youthful.

Skin glow step 8: Eat skin-friendly foods

If you want a clear, smooth and glowing skin, it is very important to make sure you maintain a well-balanced diet, that includes skin-friendly foods like nutritious fruits and vegetables and omega-3 rich oily fish.

A great skin-friendly nutrient is Vitamin E. It can help skin stay soft and hydrated by retaining its natural moist. Nuts and green leafy vegetables are a great source of Vitamin E.

Also, nutrients such as iron and vitamin B12 are essential to avoid sallow looking skin, so you must make sure to be getting enough of these nutrients in your diet

Skin glow step 9: Cut out cigarettes and alcohol

If you want to retain your skin’s natural glow, you must stop smoking and only drink in moderation.

Alcohol and cigarettes deprive the skin of oxygen and nutrients, taking away its healthy glow and they can cause dryness, puffy eyes and premature ageing.

Skin glow step 10: Relax

Stress can affect us in many ways, it can cause insomnia, accelerate cellular aging and exacerbate many skin conditions, including acne and eczema. In order to maintain a glowing and healthy looking skin, try some stress-relieving activities and techniques like meditation, exercise or yoga.

These are your 10 basic steps towards healthy and glowing skin. Follow them daily and you shall see your skin shining from within! dlocked

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